New Hampshire Office of Consumer Advocate

The New Hampshire Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA) is an independent state agency with statutory responsibility to represent residential customers of New Hampshire’s regulated public utilities that provide electric, natural gas, telephone or water services. The OCA primarily fulfills this responsibility by participating in proceedings before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Guided by New Hampshire law, the OCA advocates for reasonably-priced, safe and reliable utility services, as well as for well-designed and prudently-administered ratepayer funded programs.

Within the context of PUC proceedings, the OCA represents the collective interests of residential customers rather than individual customer interests.  On account of our agency’s name, the OCA occasionally receives individual customer complaints and inquiries, and it typically refers these to PUC’s Consumer Affairs Division, which is staffed with industry-specific analysts tasked with mediating customer-utility disputes.   With a focus on the collective good of residential customers, the OCA directs its limited resources on proceedings that may have significant financial or service-related impacts.