Rays on the roof

Have you ever thought about having your very own solar system — that is, solar panel system? You may see ads urging homeowners to “go solar” — use renewable energy, buy less electricity from the utility and maybe get a tax break. There are several ways to get solar power at home: you can buy a rooftop system, lease a system, or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) to buy power a system produces. Continue Reading >

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Your Home

Enjoy a Safe Fourth of July Season – Particularly Around Fireworks

The most recent U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission statistics are out regarding firework injuries – and if 2015 is like the recent past  there will be more emergency room visits due to injuries associated with fireworks this month – than the rest of the year combined.  Continue Reading >

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Health & Safety

A Text Message Mess

Let me set the scene: your friend John is rushing to get his daughter from school and his son to the soccer field, and he still needs to stop at the grocery store because there’s nothing in the fridge. In the midst of this everyday madness, he gets a text message from Google with a verification code. He thinks, “That’s weird. Maybe I should log in to my email and see what’s going on.”

Before he has a chance, he gets another message. It says: Continue Reading >

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