Orange County (FL) focuses on fraud for NCPW

In 2015, Florida ranked first for fraud and third for identify theft consumer complaints nationwide. Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford ranked 32nd for fraud and 22nd for identify theft. Sadly, con artists like to ply their trade in our region.

Florida — especially Central Florida — is a transient state with millions of tourists yearly. Predators see this as a golden opportunity since families enjoying vacation tend to let their guards down. But the presence of tourists doesn’t make residents any safer from fraud. The internet has added more opportunities to entice people into a trap. Continue Reading >

Attorney General Lynch shares Justice Department’s efforts to protect consumers from unsafe dietary supplements

As part of National Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch highlighted the potential risks posed to consumers by dietary supplements.  Her video statement builds upon a nationwide, dietary supplement sweep announced in November 2015 by the Department of Justice and its federal partners. Continue Reading >

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Health & Safety

Protecting Your Privacy and Security When Making Mobile Payments

Many people use their cell phones and other mobile devices to pay for purchases. On the street of our office here at CFA, people pay for parking with mobile devices — plus buy coffee and shop at some retail stores and websites.

For most consumers, the biggest benefit of mobile payments is convenience. No need to pull out your wallet for cash or plastic  — especially if you’ve got your phone at hand anyway. No need to type in your payment information to buy online. But what if your financial and other personal information isn’t safe? Continue Reading >