Miles de consumidores descargaron un juego basado en un navegador. Nunca adivinarás lo que pasó después.

Miles de personas descargaron desde la tiende web Chrome un popular juego de navegador en 3D. Ese juego, descrito como un “juego de aventura, lleno de acción y carreras libres de alta velocidad alrededor de un castillo”, promocionó “acrobacias de alta velocidad”, “personajes con trajes y poderes asombrosos” y “mundos descabelladamente peligrosos”. Continue Reading >

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Oh no, it's that time again!

We get it. You’ve got holiday hangover. Bills are trickling in for the gifts you bought last year. You’re already having trouble keeping the resolutions you just made. And you can’t bring yourself to take down the holiday decorations. To top it off, tax forms are beginning to fill your inbox. Is it tax season already?! Continue Reading >

Report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan at

Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year. It might start with a mysterious credit card charge, a bill you don’t recognize, or a letter from the IRS that says you already got your refund — even though you didn’t. Continue Reading >

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Identity Theft